Why reviews are important


Why reviews are important

I’ve been working in the LARP industry on and off for about 13 years. During that time I’ve worked for at least 4 different weapon manufacturers some of which are considered some of the biggest and best in the world. This has given me a tremendous insight into the world of LARP Boffer and Latex weapons.

I’ve heard (and seen) people short cut safety measures when it comes to building weapons. I’ve seen absolutely stunning weapons fall apart in combat, have met some amazingly good fighters who create their own weapons and swear by 5 layers of combat foam. I’ve seen some of the original designs of the boffer weapons from back when people were first running around and hitting each other with foam swords. All of this has made me realise one thing.

If you don’t know what you’re looking for, how can you tell what a good weapon is and what isn’t?

Some of the weapons on sale today fetch around $400 each! That’s ridiculously expensive especially if you were to find out that it fell apart during it’s first few uses, or was too heavy to be effective in a duel. There are reviews for almost everything in the world. Everything that is except LARP weapons.

I believe that if you’re going to spend a lot of money on designing a character to kick ass in a LARP event you should have access to some impartial advice on exactly what to get and why. So I’m going to get my hands on as many LARP weapons as possible and get some practical use out of them before letting you know exactly how good they are (or are not) and what purpose they would be best served for.

Enjoy the site, and if you have any recommendations for something you would like reviewed let us know!

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