Shield review – Eagle Flex Roman Shield


Shield review – Eagle Flex Roman Shield

Overview 2/5

-Quality: 3

-Pricing: $$

-Durability: 2

Such a disappointment! I wanted this shield to be amazing! Unfortunately despite it’s rugged main body it’s let down with a set of really weak thin leather straps and buckles that don’t fit correctly. I did manage to Mod mine to make them work well, but if you’ve never done it before you could risk ruining your shield.


-heigth: 35″ or 87 cm
-width, curved: 23.5″ or 59 cm
-width, edge-to-edge: 20″ or 50 cm
-center depth: 3.5″ or 9 cm
-foam thickness: 1.25″ or 3 cm
-edges: flat edges, pure foam
-weight: 4.25 lbs
-lift: 2 x leather straps
-design: embossed and painted
-center protrusion: 2.25″ or 6 cm


I’ve always loved Roman shields for LARP fighting especially when they are built with a natural curve to protect that often exposed shoulder and elbow. The curve is usually built by fusing two pieces of foam together with a “bow” between them so that when the glue sets they form a solid curve which adds a great deal of sturdiness to the shield additional protection and yet doesn’t increase the weight or jeopardise safety by the inclusion of a solid core.

Once again with regards to Eagle Flex products I ordered these from a local supplier and received them within 4 days which is an awesome turnaround.

Unfortunately once I received them there were some immediate issues. The first is that they don’t specify whether the one you receive is left or right handed. I ordered two shields for me and a friend who are both right handed. As karma would have it we ended up getting one left and one right handed. Which meant we needed to return one and replace it with one of the correct direction. So this is definitely something to be aware of when you first order.

The shields themselves are made from a really great quality foam and latex, they’re very sturdy and the detail is great with lovely airbrushing around the detail to give it a really solid look.

The problem starts when you look at the handles. They’re both made from a ridiculously thin piece of leather with a buckle which is conveniently located EXACTLY WHERE YOUR HAND WOULD GO! My appologies for the outburst, but how are you supposed to grip this thing without slicing your hand open? It is easily the worst strap system for a shield I’ve ever seen.

The straps ruin an otherwise awesome and cost effective latex shield.

The good news is that the leather straps do appear to run quit deep inside the shield so deep that I decided that it was possible to use them as a basis for a different strap rigging which I custom built myself.

If any of you are interested add a comment below and if there’s enough I’ll be happy to explain how and what I did.


Such a shame that these otherwise awesome shields would be ruined by a very impractical strap. honestly these shields are completely useless in my opinion without changing the straps. However once I changed them they became an AWESOME piece of kit. I have heard that versions exist with a different strap system, though I have yet to see them. My verdict? Only get them if you’re ready to modify them.

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