Armor review – Norton Armouries Muscle Armor


Armor review – Norton Armouries Muscle Armor

Overview 4/5

-Quality: 5

-Pricing: $$$$

-Durability: 4

Amazing Look! This is perhaps the best looking armor I’ve ever seen. The cost is prohibitive and it took around 6 months to arrive!


-length: Two sizes up to 6′ and above 61 Adjustable straps enable it to fit most body types.

-Thickness: less than 1/4inch

-foam weight: Molded foam polyethylene

-firmness: Hard


I’ve always wanted a suit of Norton Armouries armour. They are responsible for a lot of the beautifully crafted armor you see on the big screen and I knew it was something I was desperate to own one day. So after a lot of saving up I finally rummaged up enough cash to fork out the cost of a simple set of muscle plate armor. It was with eager anticipation that I inputed my credit card details to the site got my confirmation of sale and then sat with a massive grin on my face eager for it to arrive…

and I waited…

And waited…

I contacted them and received a prompt reply that my order was being produced and that It may take up to 4 weeks to arrive.

after 6 weeks it still hadn’t arrived to I contacted them again. This time I was ignored. After a total of about 6 months of contact and receiving only 3 responses from them I FINALLY received the product. Honestly this is some of the worst customer service I’ve ever seen with a complete failure to set my expectations of when the product would arrive. However I can confirm that my distress lasted for a grand total of about 5 seconds once I opened that box.

WOW, what can I say this is some of the most stunning LARP equipment I’ve ever seen. The finish is incredible. I got the antique bronze armor and there is no way without getting up close that you could tell it wasn’t metal. The leather straps are sturdy and well fitted. The entire piece is as beautiful as it is sturdy. I would almost want to say that the durability of the foam was hard enough to stop a slice from a bladed weapon (though I haven’t tested this and no-one else should either).

Once on the body there is a great deal of movement still to be had. I’ve found in the past with fibre glass and metal models that certain defensive movements involving bringing your arms across your chest are not always possible due to the armor cutting into the edges of your arms (especially when they aren’t custom fitted).┬áDespite the armor being very rigid it retains enough movement to ensure that there is some give if you do need to make those across the chest movements which naturally gives you a big advantage when it comes to combat.

It’s lighter than most steel mail, though of course Aluminium does still outdo it in terms of weight and movement. However when you add the look and style of this armor in my personal opinion it wins everytime.


In summary I can’t go on about just how amazing this piece of equipment is. The only downside is the lack of customer support and the extended delays in the order and obviously the price. However if you can afford to wait for it, and the money isn’t to much of an issue for you, then you will NOT regret this purchase.

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